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City launches new phone app: MyColumbiaSC

By November 29, 2018No Comments

The City of Columbia has introduced a new mobile application for area residents and Columbia Water customers. The app, called MyColumbiaSC, allows users to access City services with the tap of a phone screen. Perhaps MyColumbiaSC’s most significant feature is the capability to report issues to City Customer Care without having to make a phone call. Residents can describe their concern, mark the location on a map, and send a photograph of the problem from their phone or tablet. Reports can either be made anonymously, or users can create an account to track requests after they have been submitted.

“We want our citizens to have the best experience possible when interacting with our Customer Care Representatives” said Angela Adams, Customer Care Administrator, “We know that it can be frustrating to have to hold to report a problem. The app will allow our customers to report issues and concerns faster and give us more accurate location information and photographs to help identify the

In addition to mobile reporting the app will allow users to search for City jobs, search frequently asked questions, pay fines and bills, and use the City GIS mapping tool.

City Manager Teresa Wilson stated, “With the launch of the new MyColumbiaSC app, the City of Columbia has taken a significant step toward providing enhanced access to information and services to our citizens. This will be an important part of our customer service initiatives moving forward”

MyColumbiaSC is free to download and available now on both Android and Apple devices.

The launch of the MyColumbiaSC represents Envision Columbia Focus Area 7: Leading the Way in Innovative & High Quality Municipal Services. Long considered a leader in municipal service delivery, the City of Columbia embraces new technologies and is committed to the highest level of customer care and constituent service for residents and visitors. We operate in an environment that is business friendly to promote the growth of our small and large businesses. Our practices are solution-oriented. Our business processes have been streamlined to ensure an effective and efficient approach to address the needs of our business community.

Tools for citizen engagement empower our residents to interact and access City services in an efficient, timely, and helpful manner. The City of Columbia staff implements best practices that are on the cutting edge of municipal governance. The use of technology allows City staff to increase productivity and decrease response time in addressing customer requests and concerns.