Program Information

To find out about the latest engineering, construction or design opportunities, Requests for Qualifications (RFQ), or Requests for Proposals (RFP), visit Procurement Opportunities. To respond with your organization’s qualifications, proposals, or bids, visit eBidColumbiaSC.

Solicitation Process

  1. Check Procurement Opportunities or eBidColumbiaSC for open requests*. The City of Columbia also advertises open solicitation requests in The State, SC Business Opportunities and other news outlets as determined necessary.
  2. Attend a pre-bid conference. Attendance may be mandatory for some projects. Be sure to check the specific project bid page in eBidColumbiaSC for details.
  3. Check Mentor-ProtégéSubcontractor OutreachLocal Business Enterprise, and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise for other special requirements. These will be listed on the specific project page in eBidColumbiaSC and announced at the pre-bid conference.
  4. Submit a sealed bid following the instructions for that project by the posted deadline. The City will open and review all bids starting at the time announced on the specific project page in eBidColumbiaSC.
  5. The winning vendor will be notified, and the project will be sent to Council for approval. Winning the bid does not guarantee that the project will be approved.
  6. If the project is approved, a contract will be drafted and an Intent of Award issued to the winner.
  7. The winning vendor will attend a pre-construction meeting to review project requirements.
  8. The Construction Administrator for the project will review the project for compliance with specifications and handle pay requests.
  9. Upon project completion and prior to final pay-out:
    1. Utility inspectors will inspect water, sewer, stormdrain and roadway installation.
    2. Certificate of occupancy must be issued (where relevant).
    3. The contractor will supply the final as-built Record Drawings.
    4. The contractor will submit all lien waivers.
    5. The contractor will submit all required Compliance Division forms.

* Columbia Water may issue bid requests by invitation when the project is of a time-sensitive nature, such as in an emergency. Bids by invitation will not be announced on these pages.