The Department collects wastewater from approximately 63,000 approved connections located along approximately 1,000 miles of pipe line both inside the City limits and in portions of both Richland and Lexington Counties. The sewage is treated at the City’s Metropolitan Wastewater Treatment Plant, located at 1200 Simon Tree Lane. The plant is a biological oxidation extended aeration sewage treatment facility that has a rated capacity of 60 million gallons per day (MGD) and treats an average of 35 MGD of sewage. Treatment at the plant consists of flow equalization and metering, screening and grit removal, primary and secondary clarification, diffused air flotation, solids handling and dewatering, anaerobic digestion, incineration, activated sludge aeration, return and waste activated sludge operations, chlorination and dechlorination. Approximately five percent of the wastewater treated daily at the plant is industrial.


The Wastewater Treatment Process

At the Metro Wastewater Treatment Plant, wastewater is treated to produce clean, disinfected water that is discharged to the Congaree River. Biosolids from the treatment process are taken to the Columbia landfill.