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Columbia Water urges residents to be “Water Wise”

By October 10, 2018 No Comments

Columbia, SC – June 21, 2018 – Hot summer days can make even the most serious heat lovers wilt along with the grass and plants outside. Extreme heat can also play a role in the treatment and distribution of your water. Reducing unnecessary water use during the day helps to ease the burden on the water distribution system and helps system operators keep up with increased demand.

Columbia Water is currently making improvements to the Canal Water Treatment Plant that will allow it to operate more efficiently. When customers conserve water during periods of extreme heat, it helps the system’s performance and reliability. So during these dog days of summer, Columbia Water would like to remind customers to be “Water Wise” to reduce water use and monthly water bills.

Lawn and garden irrigation adds additional stress to the water system during summer months. Grass only needs one-inch of water per-week and watering in the early morning or later in the evening will help limit evaporation and ensure that your lawn will thrive. For more efficient irrigation, ensure that system timers are set to water during these periods and aren’t over-watering. Allowing grass to grow a little higher will also help protect root systems. Using a rain barrel at home can also cut the cost of watering flowers and vegetable gardens.

Summer irrigation can also mean underground leaks which are hard to detect and can run water bills up significantly. Homeowners should walk their property regularly to make sure there aren’t leaks in irrigation system lines and hoses or the home water supply line. Soggy areas that never dry can indicate a leak underground, especially if it hasn’t rained in several days.

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